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About Dylan Evans

My name is Dylan Evans and I am a Portrait, Sport and Events photographer/ videographer Photography and videography has been my passion for over 45 years. I was employed with a well-known company for 43 years (not photography related) and retired in 2016.

How I became a photographer

I have never been a professional but class myself as an extreme hobbyist. I got into photography when I had to give up playing rugby at a fairly young age due to illness. Initially I would take photos in rugby matches on the old film cameras. My first SLR was a Canon and when the very first Digital camera came out, I purchased it straight away – a 2mp Kodak camera, which I still have and still works, I bought equipment at a crazy rate and have always stuck with the Canon brand, mainly due to the selection of lenses I have amassed over the years. I started in video work about 30 years ago and have always bought top of the line camcorders.

What genre of photography/ videography do I now cover

I now cover mainly portrait photography in my home studio but I still cover sport and events photography, the main sports I have covered has been rugby union, rugby league, hockey, golf etc at all levels from minis up to age grade internationals and everything in between. In studio I cover all kinds of portrait photography from cake smashes to graduations to family portraits, have a look at the site and you will have an idea of what I cover. I have videoed a large amount over the years of sport, (all levels) concerts –school, music etc, pantomimes, parties and much more.

What don’t I cover now.

I do not do  Newborn photography, & Fairy shoots in studio. I have never done any night time photography or landscape/seascape photography- not of interest to me.

Why I no longer do certain genre.

Unfortunately in 2016 I became seriously ill and spent a good part of 8 months in hospital, it took 2 years for me to get stabilized but I have been left with health issues, mainly breathlessness very quickly and physically very weak as my muscle function is greatly reduced. That is why I no longer do fairy shoots which take a lot of physical effort to set up. Safety is paramount in newborn photography hence the reason I no longer do that.. I now my limitations and that is the reason I do not do any shoots of any sort in the mornings..

Summing Up

I intend to carry on for as long as I can put one leg in front of the other, even at a reduced pace and not long distances. I still spend a large amount of money on new cameras and gear as they come out – unfortunately I am addicted. I can do studio shoots any time and any day (Saturday afternoons are usually sport time) –not am though. Get in touch if you have any queries as you will find me the most flexible photographer on the planet as well as one of the cheapest..

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                               Tel :  07942484048

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